Memorial day for deceased former holy cross members in West Africa

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Memorial day for deceased former holy cross members in West Africa

On Saturday, August 14, the District of West Africa, including those members who had remained at the District Center following the Annual Retreat, welcomed the Sisters of the Holy Cross in Ghana to celebrate the Memorial of members now deceased who had labored in West Africa. The Service included some deceased non-members of Holy Cross who had served within our respective missions. The total number of deceased former Brothers was 24 and of the Sisters, three who ministered in Ghana or Liberia.

The Memorial Service began after Mass with the Paschal Candle prominently displayed in front of the altar. After a truly inspirational reflection by Br. Michael Amakyi, C.S.C., District Superior, the names of the honored deceased were separately read by the several Brothers and Sisters in attendance. As names were read, another brother or sister in the congregation came forward with candle in hand to light it from the Paschal Candle.

It was then placed in the candle stand nearby. The service concluded with the singing of an appropriate hymn. All retired for a brief social on the District House rooftop

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