About Us

Our identity Our identity as Brothers emanates from a vocation to consecrated life, Our public profession of the vows of poverty, celibate chastity, and obedience, and Our call to community life that begins with our religious confreres but which ultimately includes the entirety of the human family.

Extraordinary Lives, Bringing Hope to Others

The Brothers of Holy Cross are members of an international congregation of Catholic religious brothers and priests who lead extraordinary lives by bringing hope to others. Devoted to God through our ministry and prayer, we strive to make a difference in the world by being present and available to the people and communities we serve. Although ministry is essential to the life of a brother or priest in Holy Cross, it does not define our life..

Our Calling

Our calling is to serve the Lord Jesus in mission not as independent individuals but in a brotherhood. Our community life refreshes the faith that makes our work a ministry and not just an employment; it fortifies us by the example and encouragement of our confreres; and it protects us form being overwhelmed or discouraged by our work. .

Our Lifestyle

it is our lifestyle that makes us unique – we take this extraordinary journey of faith together. Abroad or at home, Holy Cross men live in community. In good times or challenging times, we can always count on our fellow brothers for support and encouragement

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