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Uncle Tom, God richly bless you for your life!
God richly bless you for the way you have touched our lives!
God richly bless you for all those whose lives you have enriched!
Uncle Tom, Rest in Perfect Peace!

Each religious order of the Catholic community presents unique perspectives on Catholicism to the University, panelists said at a Wednesday night panel discussion in DeBartolo Hall hosted by the Catholic Graduate Community.

The  Holy  Cross  sisters  and  brothers  in  initial  vows  in  Ghana  gathered  at  the  Brothers’  District  Center

The congregation of Holy Cross is a Catholic congregation of missionary priests and brothers founded in 1837 by Blessed Basil Moreau in Le Mans, France. The district west Africa, erected in 1967 by the Midwest Province, lives the mission of the congregation of Holy Cross in diverse ways, but most especially through education and Formation ministries.

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Our district headquarters in Brafoyaw, where I live, often bustles with activity – not simply because of all the work overseeing and directing our ever-growing mission in Ghana, but also because of the Holy Cross Continuing Formation Centre located on the same grounds.


A wonderful, beautiful, coincidence has occurred in the history of Church-State relations.

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